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We are a family owned company.  Being a fourth generation farm we grow alfalfala, Kentucky blue grass, mint, wheat and greenhouse grown tomatoes.

Our tomatoes are grown locally here in Madras, Oregon.  What makes our tomatoes unique is our water source, natural fertilizer, vine ripening, and hydroponic growing system.  The water we use comes from award winning pure Opal Springs water, which takes part in the tomato's juicy good taste.  We practice and promote sustainable agriculture by using safe and all natural fertilizer, which makes us completely pesticide and spray free.  Tomatoes are picked when they are ripe and ready.  By doing this it enables proper seed growth for optimal taste.  We grow our tomato plants in a special hydroponic process involving perlite soil and constant water flow to our tomato plants through their innovative contaniers.

We believe in being local for you, our customers.  Because we are local there is a reduction of the impact of fossil fuels and there is less time in between picking, delivering, and your purchase.  Being environmentally responsible is very important to us and we appreciate you, our customers, for your supoort. 

Thank you,
Country Vines, LLC

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